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I’ve focused on HP however the solution I have implemented would work for any vendor, just adjust to suit the utility they offer. If you are enabling Bit Locker as part of your Task Sequence then you should already been using the HP Bios Config Utility to enable your TPM and set your BIOS settings using something like Bios Config /Set: TPMEnable.

And yes to all those SSM fans out there, I know that you can add a step to update the BIOS using that HP utility against a SSM downloaded management source with all the HP updates, however I’m not a fan and have chosen not to use it for various reasons specific to my environment. REPSET /nspwdfile:”password.bin” as part of Run Command Line step with a package.

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Make sure should you've chosen the right settings configuration for your environment before applying.

If you want to minimize connections from Windows to Microsoft services, or configure particular privacy settings, this article covers the settings that you could consider.

You can configure diagnostic data at the lowest level for your edition of Windows, and also evaluate which other connections Windows makes to Microsoft services you want to turn off in your environment from the list in this article.

You should not extract this package to the windows\system32 folder because it will not apply correctly.

Applying the Windows Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline is the same as applying each setting covered in this article.

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