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I guess I like the feel of the sun and air on my body.

Now don't get any ideas, I enjoyed being nude with you, not with others." For the rest of trip home we did not talk about our boat trip.

I could not afford to stay in the motel so I was looking for any alternatives. At the beginning of the fall semester a former men's dorm was converted to mixed gender housing. Most of the men lived off campus and were not interested in dorm living regardless of who lived next door.

I talked with the school housing staff and they offered me a dorm room. As a result the ratio of men to females was 1 to 10.

It turned out that most of the girls were lesbian or at least bi.

It seems the idea of having open showers appealed to them.

Most of them knew who I was and realized that I could be their dad.She finally said OK but really assumed that I would not go for it.The next week was a real frustration, the small college town offered few no options in January.I heard all this and expressed no interest in idea.The dorm director, asked me to think about it and she was going to check with the residents about my moving in.

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