Chrishell stause dating 2016

Could the casting of Chrishell Stause be catastrophic for the CBS soap?

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Will Justin Hartley’s female co-stars feel awkward getting romantic with him with Chrishell on set?

Adam and Chelsea have had some STEAMY sex scenes – will the dynamic shift and the heat sputter out now that Hartley’s GF is on set?

Will Chrishell Stause lurking around foul things up?

Will Y&R ratings continue to tumble after this misstep?

Proud of this lady and proud of the show for this fine hire!! Stause was overwhelmed with the support from CBS Daytime tweeting: “WOW-do you guys know how to make a girl feel special!!

When it comes to the show's heartthrob, Kevin, I'm kind curious to know more about the actor. That's right, I want to know all about Hartley's love life.

With Sofia Pernas (aka Marisa Sierras) and Robert Adamson (aka Noah Newman) being cut back and Kristoff St John’s (aka Neil Winters) screen time slashed, we have to wonder how there’s room in the budget for a new recurring cast member…

Was the casting of Chrishell Stause a move to placate fan and showrunner favorite Justin Hartley and keep him with “The Young and The Restless”?

Even if the character Bethany isn’t written for a Genoa City romance storyline with Adam, their real life romance will be a major distraction for fans.

Have the surviving execs at Y&R fouled up the show in a big way by trying to keep Hartley satisfied?

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Plus, we have to wonder if Hartley’s girlfriend on the cast, will that foul up his on-screen chemistry with Melissa Claire Egan (aka Chelsea Newman)?

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