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They still say "hi" and "hello" to each other, and the actor said there's no bad blood between the two of them.

Asked how he managed to move on even though it has only been three weeks since the breakup, the actor said his family and friends helped him through it.

The Filipino TV personality has earned fame with GMA hits shows like Reel Love Presents, Tween Hearts, Captain Barbel, and Home Sweet Home.

Currently, Vargas portrays the role of Gilas in “Encantadia” as Gilas.

He added there's no possibility for them to go back to each other's arms, or at least that's the way it is for the actor.

Vargas realized they were still too young then to enter into a relationship.

But, the important question here is, Does he have a girlfriend? Jake Vargas loves teasing his fan through his social medias.

Vargas posted a photo with a girl inside his car with a caption "You're the reason I smiled again".

They have broken up at least two times in their one-year-and-five-month relationship.He even said that she can text him anytime if she feels lonely or needs a friend.For Vargas, he hopes they can be friends in the future.Jake Vargas was the one who broke up with Bea Binene, his girlfriend of more than one year.He said there's no way for them to get back together because so much had happened already. Asked how he broke it off with the young actress about a week ago, Vargas said he was straightforward in telling Binene that he thinks they should stop seeing each other and just focus on their careers.

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It is better for them to focus on their careers, he added.

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