Banks validating customers

Failed payments increase companies’ operating costs and cause inconvenience and customer dissatisfaction.

Our software checks that the sort code number is valid and that the account number matches the validation rules that apply to that sort code, if any.

In some cases this is also accompanied by complaints and damage to client relationships.

Number validation, a telecom resource which integrates easily with any core IT system, allows banks to determine if a mobile number is roaming, and use the insight to assess the risks of fraud more accurately.

In Finland, the current imbalance settlement network areas will form the metering grid areas in the Nordic Imbalance Settlement and there must be one responsible market participant for metering and reporting settlement (metering responsible) data of the metering grid area to e Sett and other market participants which have rights to the data.

This kind of metering responsible party can be a party having DSO network licence or closed network licence or is registered as a metering responsible.

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The solution does not depend on internet connectivity, which ensures message delivery regardless of data connection availability abroad.

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