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You'll Miss This Single Life When You're Mated, Really. Problems: What Relationship Difficulties Did You Have. I Can't Do This to the Kids, the Cat, My Roommate, My Ex, Myself. Myth #2: You Only Get to Love One Person In a Lifetime. Don't be Another Notch in the Bedpost - Unless You Want to. The Many Faces of Dating: From Fun to Happily Ever After. Once you've suffered problems, pain and loss like this, it takes great courage to begin all over again.The information and methods in this book will help you recover from your past pain and loss and gain the courage to bounce back and try again.

In your own mind, you've got to compete with examples set by movie stars, models, and smooth characters in TV sitcoms who usually wind up with a date in the end.And if you've ever dated according to that plan, you've probably had some miserable evenings.At first sight you just don't know enough about the other person to be able to declare your interest and expect that extended, pleasant, one-on-one contact will result.With expectations like that, you're bound to feel intimidated.It may happen in the movies, but it's just plain impossible in real life.

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As adults, we are used to being in charge and competent in the things we do.

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