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Of course after her spanking she is down on her knees giving an amazing blowjob. This is a naughty Step Father daughter spanking featuring the adorable Hope Harper. I was hoping her bottom would turn a little more pink.Dear Reader As you know I have always had a soft spot for DDLG and more adult based daddy daughter role play (I in no way shape or form condone the real use of children or blackmail etc) Recently I stumbled across Baddaddy POV. Keeping in mind this is not a spanking fetish site.She didn’t think about it, until she saw the car pull out behind her. Seeing a little dirt road just ahead, she turned onto it. In her best, sweet voice, and with a big smile, she said, “Hi, officer. She tried to move, to get away, but one hand in her back stopped that. Here she was, bent over in the middle of nowhere, her ass and pussy exposed to the world. Whispered in it, “If you stand up, I’m afraid we’ll have to start over. If you are like me then you love the presentation of a cute bottom over your knee with an adorable pair of panties on. Boodigo is an Anonymous Search Engine intended for Adults.

It’s not a safe place to exceed the speed limit.” “I’m... License and registration, please.” She dug into her glove box, searching for it. Finally she found her registration, and handed it to him with her license. Thank God she’d talked her way out of at least three. Like he’d done it a thousand times, he pulled her other arm behind her back and cuffed her wrists together. She looked back, and saw him taking off his belt out of the corner of her eye. She tried another smile up at him, but felt how weak it was. A hard lashing with my belt..the ticket.” He stared at her for a long, long moment. You need to learn a lesson.” After another long moment, the scratch of the pen started again.

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