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If it also offered discussions about other subjects, but it was made clear that the site was for intended for sexually open-minded individuals and couples, it might succeed.

The biggest site killer would be the self-centered young studs offering to service all the old women because their husbands were incapable of doing so.

A problem I see with trying to start a 50 site is that younger people wouldn't join, and many people want to play with younger couples, ourselves included.

We have yet to find a couple in our age category to play with, and have found people in their 30s and 40s lots of fun, so we'd never be interested in joining a site geared toward a 50 crowd.

We maybe as they say over the hill but we sure as hell aint under it.cumm all you older swingers lets form a website of our own..

The other thing we notice is that the Swingers Sites in Australia nearly all carry the same posts and many are either very out of date or carry ads from overseas which are useless. can i join and i am not dead and love to have a good time with all but especially those of our age.

We can still have fun and because we want to go to bed earlier is not just to sleep and the more the merrier Much thanks to those who answered this thread.

Like those who don't quite qualify at our lower limit of 25 we can allow exceptions based upon the individuals that make up the couple.

Older couples have a lot to offer besides sex like South Bond said - (he should have also added - well versed in English grammer and spelling ) You would not believe how many of those under 30 that we have received email from that is almost unreadable.

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